Welcome to Kenya Performing Arts Talent Development Academy Oyugis!

Kenya Performing Arts Talent Development Academy (KPATDA) is registered with the Ministry of Education in 2013. KPATDA offers primary education from ECD (Early Childhood Development) level and offers a unique Teachers Training Programme with a specialization in performing arts (college). KPATDA is based in Oyugis and works together with primary schools in the Kasipul Constituency.

Our Classes

KPATDA has opened its primary school. KPATDA offers Early Childhood Development and primary school with a specialization in performing arts.

KPATDA offers ECD teachers training programmes (College) for (upcoming) teachers.


Proprietor KPATDA:

KPAG Arts Company Ltd.



Accountant: Mr. Onyango

Manager: Mr. Aoko

Administrator: Mr. Solomon

Librarian: Miss. Dora

Caretakers: Mr. Clinton and Mr. Opany

Schoolvan driver: Mr. Banaba

Events & Workshops

Performing Arts Workshops | March 18 - 24

Guest teacher Alphine Otieno Oteke, better known as Apopa, is giving several performing arts workshops. Apopa: "For me performing art means mirror, a way to search and discover experience from different angles."

Roofing of the school / theatre hall | Feb - March 

ROOFING: Continuation of the building process of the School / Theatre hall

School News

March 2013

KPATDA involves locally trained builders and the youth in the building process of its school / theatre hall. KPATDA thanks the Kasipul Kabondo Constituency Development Fund (CDF) for their financial support to building the KPATDA school / theatre hall and therefore the support to the community of Kasipul. Below a pictorial image of the ongoing building process.​

May 2013 - upcoming - 

KPATDA is soon starting the Kenya Performing Arts Early Childhood Development teachers training. More information about the training programme is following soon.

January 2014 

KPATDA has opened. Over 300 children have enrolled KPATDA Primary School. The school board is wishing all children, families and teachers a Happy and Prosperous 2014!


February 2014 

Up and running, KPATDA pupils and teachers are working hard on the academic skills and knowledge and ... on the artistic expression. Below Junior Apollo from KPATDA, one of our amazing upcoming performers!

January 2014 - Parents Day

Parents were invited on the Parents Day of KPATDA to come and sample what the school has to offer and to engage the parents in the environmental acitivities in and around the school. The YMAP project provided trees to all the parents to raise the awareness and engagement in keeping the environment green. Below the picture impressions of the day.

April / May 2014 

KPATDA performing arts training is ongoing. A big thank you to the KPAG Team for sharing their passion, skills and talents with the children and youth!


14th May - opening Day @ 10.00 a.m. with a showcase performance from KPATDA pupils and KPAG! Welcome!

May 2014 

KPATDA Talent Developement Academy is number 2 out of 30 nyangiela zone in the regional examination! Congratulations to all children and the KPATDA Team!

August 2014 

KPATDA Talent Developement Academy celebrates the pre-festival One Day One Dance Peace Concert. Getting ready for the 21st September 2014!

September 2014 

KPATDA talents take part in training programme Nairobi!

September 2014 

KPATDA number 2 in Rachuonyo South District Mock Nyang'iela zone result analysis!

November 2014 

Erokamano Puntenburg school in The Netherlands. We appreciate and this will assist us in games and physical education. Thank you once more for provision of these uniforms. May God bless you.

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September 2015 

KPATDA School Excursion to Kisumu. With special thanks to parents.

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January 2016 

KCPE results 2015. We are extremely pleased with the KCPE results. Being second in the Nyangiela zone leaves us with pride.

August 2017 

On Saturday 19th August the Talent Theatre Group from KPATDA went to Kisumu and participated in the Future Me Festival. The children participated in workshops and got the oppotunity to perform.




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